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Pick Fill Seal Machine

Pick Fill Seal Machine


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Pick Fill Seal Machine

Kawach - Roto is the machine to pack any material in any type or shape of products. This machine picks the pouch from the stack of pouches and then pouch holder holds the pouch for Batch Coding, Pouch Opening, Guzzett Zipper and Stand Up Opening, Material Filling, Zipper Closing and Sealing with Nitrogen Flushing. The intelligent PLC with touch screen controls the machine motions very perfectly. The vaccume system works fantastically to lift the pouch and open the pouch.

Following are the fillers can be attached with Kawach-Roto for filling of product with precise weight accuracy.

Auger Filler - For free flowing powders like Turmeric powder, Mehandi, Besan, Flours, Talcum powder, Groud Sspices, Harbal powder, Soluble fertilizer powder and all kind of fine powders etc.

Weigh Filler(Linear or Multihead) - For extruded Snacks Like Kurkure & Potato Chips, Farsan, Chiwda, Namkeen, Dry - Fruits, Pulses, Grains, Tea, Sugar, Seeds etc.

Cup Filler - Grains, Granules & Powders like Tea, Spices, Saunf, Panmasala, Gutkha, Supari, etc.

Piston Filler - For Pasters, Liquids, Chutnies, Sauce etc.