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Best Packaging Solutions for Curd, Paneer, and Cheese

Indians love milk and milk products. They are not only a part of our daily diet, but they are also a part of Indian culture and traditions. Therefore, it is no surprise that the dairy industry reached a value of $203.3 billion in 2022 and is estimated to reach a staggering value of $427.7 billion in 2028. These are huge numbers that show many new businesses are going to join and older businesses are going to grow in this industry, increasing demand for a good pouch packaging machine in India.

However, milk products do not necessarily mean liquids only. Curd, paneer, and cheese are also milk products that require good packaging machines. These products are hugely popular and there was a time when people bought these from the local dairy but now, they buy branded products from retailers, shopkeepers, supermarkets, etc. Therefore, if you have a business selling curd, paneer, and/or cheese, you have to invest in the right machine.

Packing Curd - There are 2 popular ways that curd is packed. The most popular way is when the curd is filled in a plastic vessel and sealed tight. The second method, which is becoming popular, is where the curd is packed and sealed in a plastic bag that looks exactly like a milk bag. Curd has a low shelf life, even when refrigerated, so it is important you choose the right packaging method and machine. 

Packing Paneer - Though this is a much easier product to package, paneer also has a low shelf life and you need to package it well. Paneer is packed and sealed in plastic bags and containers and can be packed using any good packing machine for food products in Pune

Packing Cheese - Cheese comes in many forms - solid, semi-solid, and even liquid, so there are many different types of packaging that you will require. Cheese is one of the fastest-growing products in the country and it could be a huge game-changer for any business. To package cheese properly, you will need a machine that is versatile and can handle different types of cheeses of varying consistencies.

Packaging Machine

It would not be feasible for a business to have multiple different machines for curd, paneer, and cheese. You need a confectionery packaging machine in Pune that can handle multiple types of milk products. You also need a machine that can pack products at a high speed accurately because, with dairy products, time is of the essence. Therefore, there is only one machine that is perfect for these products - Kawach ROTO.

The Kawach ROTO 

This amazing machine can handle any product of any consistency and can pack curd, paneer, and cheese expertly without any leaks. The Kawach ROTO brings you many other advantages like:

  • Packing at a high speed of 20 to 60 packages. 
  • Low consumption of 4kw/hr.
  • Compatible with attachments like Auger Filler, Weight Filler, Cup Filler, and Piston Filler.
  • Has intelligent PLC with 7-inch touchscreen controls of Siemens brand.

So many other wonderful specifications and features make Kawach ROTO an ideal machine for your milk product business. Click here to know more or get in touch with Saurabh Flexipacks for more information on Kawach ROTO and other such products. 

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