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There’s a high demand for a good flour packaging machine in India as flours, spices, ready mixes, and powdered products constitute a huge part of FMCG products. Flour products are some of the hardest products to package. Apart from the packaging needing to be airtight, the quality of the packaging also needs to be high so the flour and powder products inside remain proper. Therefore, companies need to invest in good packaging machines if they want their products to do well in the market, and reach the customers in the right form.

How Will a Machine Benefit Your Flour Business

Airtight Packaging - Many powder products need to be packed in an airtight pack. Even if a little air enters the pack, the flour will become lumpy and the product will get spoiled. Airtight packaging also makes it easier for the products to be transported from one location to another without compromising the quality of the product. 

Increased Shelf Life - Excellent packaging also increased the shelf life of the product. One great advantage of this is that you can then limit the use of preservatives in your product, thus increasing the health factor in your products. Today’s buyers are smart and want fewer preservatives in their food, so by investing in a product bagging machine in India, you make your product healthier, and long-lasting and you can even advertise this to your customers.
Premium Look - A good packaging machine will ensure your product looks good, which in turn will create the right impression in your customer’s eyes. When a customer sees good packaging, they understand that the company cares about their product. Good packaging also makes the product more memorable, increasing your company’s brand value.
Faster Delivery - A good packaging machine will pack products at a high speed, allowing you to fulfill demand and meet a high volume of orders. All companies that are growing should invest in a flour packing machine, so they can grow consistently and put out enough product.
Kawach 900
If you are looking for an excellent flour packaging machine in Pune, Saurabh Flexipacks brings you the Kawach 900. This is one of the best machines for packing flour and other powdered products. Some of the advantages of this machine are: 
  • Can pack at an incredible speed of 120 bags per minute thanks to the CPU motion control technology. 
  • Even at a high speed, by attaching a Servo Auger filler, you can pack the products at an accurate weight. 
  • When the Kawach 900 runs out of material or when there is no film, it stops on its own avoiding any damage to the machine.
  • The machine can be connected to the internet making operations, tracking, and monitoring of the machine simpler, and more convenient.
  • Kawach 900 also has an inbuilt diagnosis system that can find faults within and alert you. It is quite affordable and easy to maintain.

The Kawach 900 is the best packaging machine in India and is packed with many features. To know more, get in touch with Saurabh Flexipacks today!

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