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Utilising Conveying & Quick Packaging Systems in Potato Production

The world loves potatoes, including India. In the year 2022, India produced 53.58 million metric tonnes of potatoes. A large chunk of these potatoes are used to create various potato-based snack products and the number is only growing. Soon, India will consume packaged potato products as much as fresh potatoes. If you are in the packaged snack business, you cannot afford to lose out on this opportunity to add potato products to your product line-up and earn big profits. Here are some potato products worth considering for your business:

Potato Chips - Possibly the most popular snack of all time, potato chips are always a great seller. Some of the biggest snack producers in the world have potato chips as their highest-selling products. Potato chips are also sold in high volumes on the local level with individual potato chip sellers earning a good profit on this product. Another advantage of potato chips is that you can add flavours and other variations and further increase sales and production. Potato chips are easily the best snack product to have.

Aloo Bhujia - Another snack that is always growing in popularity is aloo bhujia. Made from a mixture of potato flour, chickpea flour (besan), spices, and salt, aloo bhujia has become the go-to daily snack for many Indians who like to munch on something crispy and spicy. One of the biggest advantages of this snack is that it is quite affordable, and is made from inexpensive ingredients, thus increasing the chances of making high profits.
Potato Sev & Chiwda - Tasty and crispy, potato sev and chiwda are a snack for many occasions. Be it guests at your home or an evening of chit and chat and partying with your friends, potato sev and chiwda is a lip-smacking treat many Indians love. So, adding these amazing snacks to your products will ensure your products are in every home.
Packaging & Conveyor Systems
If you want these potato products and more to your product line-up, you will need the best packaging and conveyor equipment that will help move products quickly and meet high demand. Saurabh Flexipack is one of the biggest suppliers of packaging and conveyor equipment in India and counts many national and international clients amongst its clientele. Here are some of our products that you can use for your business:
Contibag - With an impressive speed of 130 packs per minute, the Contibag is India’s foremost and best packaging machine that operates in continuous motion. It is a machine of international standards and can take on attachments like multihead weigh filler, bucket elevator, etc. to become even more efficient and help you package your potato based snacks and other products.
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