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Potato Snacks Products that are Quick to Package

Chips, crisps, and biscuits, the public loves eating potatoes in any form. Just this year, the potato chip market in India reached a staggering value of $5.5 billion and is growing at double digits every year. No wonder demand for snack packaging machines in India is constantly growing. 

Though potato chips constitute a large percentage of the potato snacks market, many other potato snacks are growing in popularity. So, snack-making companies, who want to get into the potato snacks game, should give it serious thought because there is high demand for potato-based snacks. Here are a few potato snack products that are also easy to package: 

Potato Sticks - Crisp, light, and flavourful, potato sticks are an awesome snack. They are mostly used as a part of a snack mixture popularly known as chiwda or chewda, but they are also quite popular on their own. Potato sticks are also eaten during the fasting period, so it is already covering a target group that cannot be reached by other snacks. Potato sticks must be packed in a good machine as the crispness needs to be preserved.

Potato Biscuits - Yes, as strange as it sounds, potato flour can also be used to make crispy biscuits, and this type of snack is becoming quite popular. These biscuits can be made with many different types of flavoring and are sold as a healthier potato snack. Since this is a type of biscuit, you may need a versatile machine that can pack this product properly. 

Potato Sev - Another very popular snack is potato sev, also known as aloo bhujia. Be it as a tea or coffee accompaniment or garnish over breakfast items, aloo bhujia never fails to impress. This is a traditional snack and is packed with flavor that's to the use of many spices. Since this product is so flavourful, it needs to be packed well so none of the fragrance and flavor escapes the pack.

Potato Chips - Of course, the most popular snack in the world, is also a product that is easy to package and distribute. From the humble salted chips to the most exotic seasonings, there are so many different flavors that have captured our imagination and taste buds. This is a great product that snack food businesses should definitely consider making.

The above-stated products are all different types of potato snack products and there is one potato chips packaging machine in Pune that can pack all the products - the KAWACH 700.

Built to match international standards, the KAWACH 700 can pack up to 100 packets per minute. The machine is built on a servo engine which is perfect for handling a high volume of products daily. The machine can be operated through a high-tech touch panel, which also has a recipe option that lets you package products having different recipes. The KAWACH 700 is low maintenance and high-performance, and the perfect machine if you want to quickly and efficiently pack potato snacks. Call Saurabh Flexipacks to know more about the KAWACH 700.  

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