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Our Packaging Systems Used for Spice Powders

Spice powders are a big business in India. From big international spice packers to locally-based spice businesses, India is the spice capital of the world. So, if you are doing a spice business, you can grow this business and do well. However, there is one peculiar thing about spices that you have to be careful about - packaging. In a warm country like India, spices have to be packed correctly for them to retain their flavor and character. Therefore, as a spice business owner, you must invest in a good spices packaging machine in India.

How Will a Machine Benefit Your Spice Business

Seal Packaging - Spices need to be packed in a seal package. Though spices have a natural shelf life but when they get exposed to the air and other elements, the flavour and heat of the spices reduce considerably. Therefore, they need to be packaged in an airtight packing that is tightly sealed to keep air and moisture out. This can only be done through a spices powder packaging machine in India. Such machines are specially designed for this purpose only. 

Brand Packaging - The best powder packaging machine in India can let you pack your spices in material that has been printed for your business. This is important for the marketing and advertising of your products which will help you grow your business. Such machines also allow you to get creative with your branding and packaging. 

Higher Shelf Life - Though spices have a natural protection against air and moisture, they can still deteriorate over time and lose flavor and potency. However, good packaging systems can pack these products so well that they can have a much longer life. This allows retailers and wholesalers to hold large quantities in stock for a balanced demand and supply. 

Quick Packaging - Packaging systems are much quicker than hand-packing spice products. When you have tight deadlines for delivering products, you will need a machine that can easily help you meet quotas. This will also help you grow your business stress-free. 

Packaging Solutions

If you are looking for a solid and trustworthy spices packaging machine in Pune, get in touch with Saurabh Flexipacks. We are one of the best companies for manufacturing & supplying the best machines for spice packaging. We have a wide range of products like Kawach Twin 150, Kawach 450, Kawach 700, Kawach 900, Kawach 1200, Contibag, and Auger Filler. 

One of the best machines for spices is the Auger Filler. With a strong filling capacity of up to 60 fills per minute, the Auger filler can be used on any type of packaging including containers and jars. It is electronically controlled and can pack products from 1 gm to 10 kg. The Auger Filler is one of the best powder packaging machines in Pune and you can get it exclusively from Saurabh Flexipacks. Get in touch today to know more about our range of products. 

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